Monday, February 21, 2011

I wish my camera was working!

Hey bloggy friends! I wanted to share my new Dollar Spot find with you, but something is wrong with my SD card. :( It's a good thing we have Winter Break this week so I can run out and get a new one! Anyway, photo or no photo, I found some adorable* fly swatters in the dollar section at Target this weekend. They're brightly colored and have big flowers on the back of the "swatter" part. They will be perfect to brighten up my "Read the Room" center for spring! Things don't last long in the $ section around here, so run out and get one (or three!) before they're gone!

Hopefully I'll have my camera working soon so that I can add a photo of how cute they are.

*Seriously? Only a teacher would look at a FLY SWATTER and think, "Isn't this adorable?!"


Lindsey said...

darling blog! i esp. love the title:)


Pinks My Ink said...
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Pinks My Ink said...

I am so glad you love Pinkalicious because you are my winner!

contact me at to claim your prize!