Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You know you teach first grade when...

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You know you teach first grade when...

  1. You find more plastic coins than actual money in your pockets at the end of the day.
  2. You know that the "s word" is not actually the "s word."
  3. That song you can't get out of your head is probably from a Dr. Jean CD.
  4. Where most might insert a four letter word, you use "bummer", even with your "grown-up" friends.
  5. A Diet Coke (or coffee, if that's your drug of choice) is a necessity. And you know what a "three Diet Coke day" means. :)
  6. No matter what my college Foods and Nutrition professor taught us, you know that sugar DOES affect behavior (so you may or may not scrape a little bit of the icing off of those ridiculous cupcake cakes...).
  7. Every "a ha" moment makes up for that pair of Louboutins that's not in your closet.
  8. You spend more time choosing a font/clip art than actually creating the activity or newsletter. 
  9. You have yet to find something a first grade WON'T do for one Skittle. 
  10. The best purchase you've made all year is a School Pro pencil sharpener.
  11. You get compliments like this one...


JenniferL said...

I LOVE your love note!

Erica Bohrer said...

Wow, you really rock! As much as "snow" and "God," love it!

Jess said...

Those AHA moments are better than shoes in a closet!

Abby said...

Oh my word, that note!!!! I love it!!!

I had a three Diet Coke kind of day today - totally relate :)

Mrs. Owens said...

You hit the nail on the head! I love it!!!