Saturday, October 20, 2012

Charlotte's Web

As I plan my year I really like to look for themes that transition nicely into each other so that I'm not totally changing up everything when I move to a new theme. This year I knew I wanted to have a farm theme because we take our annual field trip to the farm. I also knew I wanted to do a spiders theme because I just think they are cool! I also always have at least one sweet kiddo whose family doesn't celebrate Halloween, so I have to be careful about choosing October themes. :)

I had these on my calendar, but with some space in between. What could I use to link these themes? Charlotte's Web! What a smooth transition from farm to spiders. So we started reading the book as a class and I started looking for resources to go along with the book.

Surprisingly, there really aren't a lot of first grade resources for this book. I found some CUTE things on TPT, but they all covered topics we haven't gotten to yet! I stumbled across some SUPER fantastic clip art by Melonheadz and decided to make some stuff of my own. If you are interested, feel free to check it out at my TPT store!

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